Excellent medical technology – Made in Tuttlingen 

Nothing can be purer than pure, and perfection can't be perfected. But any time one reaches the top, it's always possible to drive progress forward even further and keep searching for new possibilities rather than being content with what has already been achieved – like SIMEON does. This is one of the reasons why SIMEON's medical technology solutions represent internationally renowned Tuttlingen brand-name quality. Another reason is our specific technical experience, our high level of in-house production depth and our demanding quality standards: all SIMEON products are made in Germany and undergo certified production with continuous quality assurance. We consider it a given that replacement purchases, retrofitting and service be guaranteed for many years to come, and our customers can also count on us to provide value for money like no other supplier in the world. That's why hospitals and doctors across the globe trust in the fact that our lights will help them keep an eye on everything.