These examination lights fit in anywhere

Sim.LED 250 – reduced to the optimum 

The Sim.LED 250, with a Sim.POD and a total of 3 LEDs, is the ideal light for your individual examination needs since it offers an optimal light yield. Thanks to its flexibility and optimal downsizing, the Sim.LED 250 fits well with every type of use, in every place of operation.

  • Seamlessly sealed design meets the highest hygienic demands
  • Light head made of light aluminum allows for fast and steady maneuverability

Thanks to the variable mounting system, you can mount your Sim.LED 250 examination lights on the ceiling or on the wall or use it as a mobile version. With the Sim.LED 250, your technology will always be state-of-the-art.

Sim.LED 250at a 0.5 m distanceat a 1.0 m distance
Central illumination [lx]  70,000  30,000
Color temperature [K]  4,500  4,500
Field size d10 [mm]  110  165
Color rendering index Ra  > 93  > 93
Power consumption [W]  15  15
No. of LEDs  3  3
Approval  CE  CE
LED lifespan [h]  > 60,000  > 60,000

Tolerance ±10% 
Technical specifications are subject to change