11 ORs equipped by SIMEON Medical in the 1st Affiliated Hospital of Wenzhou Medical University

In August 2018 SIMEON Medical installed 11 ORs in the 1st Affiliated Hospital of Wenzhou Medical University. With 3300 beds it is the leading hospital in Wenzhou, a very famous city in China.

All 11 ORs are equipped with the SIMEON HighLine.


SIMEON Medical successfully participated in the RCST conference in Thailand

From 27th to 30th of July 2018 SIMEON Medical participated in the RCST, the 43rd Annual Scientific Congress of the Royal College of Surgeons of Thailand in Pattaya. The congress addressed the theme of “Quality Improvement in Surgery towards Thailand 4.0” where SIMEON Medical took the chance to present the high quality and innovative products such as SIMEON HighLine and BusinessLine. Furthermore SIMEON presented the innovative Sim.CAM 4K and the revolutionary Sim.FLEX ceiling suspension system to the congress participants.

The very successful exhibition strongly improved the brand awareness of SIMEON in Thailand.


Successful first half of the financial year for SIMEON Medical

Over 15 percent growth in the SIMEON Medical brand compared to the previous year

Tuttlingen, 24th July 2018 SIMEON Medical, one of the world's leading manufacturers of medical technological solutions for hospitals, with a focus on operation and examination rooms, is on the road to success. In its first half-year results from 2018, the medical technology company from Tuttlingen, Germany, reports growth in its SIMEON own brand of over 15 percent, compared to the previous year. The initial figures for the ongoing year also indicate that the positive development is set to continue. For instance, turnover and market growth from projects won in the important European and Asian core markets were once again significantly higher than in the previous year. As a result, SIMEON is on the lookout for new workers to complete its team.

In part, SIMEON Medical attributes its success to its change from a pure lighting manufacturer to a supplier of operating room systems. The company offers a comprehensive product portfolio for hospitals, with a focus on operating room equipment - ranging from lights, bearer arm systems and cameras to ceiling supply units - all single-source. The trendsetting OR.NET project is also supporting SIMEON Medical in its new role, with the aim of working with leading medical technology suppliers to standardize the networking of components in operating rooms and hospitals.

"We are extremely gratified to report a successful first half of the financial year. This shows that we are on the right track in our development as systems supplier for operating room solutions and our customer-oriented sales policy with multiple regional offices. Our German-produced high-value operating room solutions are in great demand both in the domestic market and internationally," says Dr. Markus Keussen, Managing Director at SIMEON Medical. "But none of this would be possible without a strong and flexible team. Our employees have worked extremely hard and as such have a significant role in our success," concludes Tobias Lang, Managing Director at SIMEON Medical with responsibility for areas including production, quality and staff.


SIMEON Medical honors its employees for their commitment

Successful employee program for continuous improvement processes (CIP) in the company

SIMEON Medical, one of the world's leading manufacturers of medical technological solutions for hospitals with a focus on operation and examination rooms, honors its employees for their suggestions on how to improve internal processes. For this purpose, the Tuttlingen-based medical technology company has established a program in 2015 for continuous improvement (CIP) in the company consistent with its motto "Pushing Technology to Excellence". The aim of the CIP program is to increase product, process and service quality by implementing continuous optimization in defined steps so that the company's competitiveness can be bolstered.

Each proposal is initially rewarded using a voucher system. This motivates the employees to strive for self-improvement and provide their own optimization proposals. In addition an annual lottery is held amongst all those who filed proposals, in which three more vouchers are awarded of an even greater value. This year three employees, one each from assembly, production and service, have been announced as winners.

For the CIP program SIMEON Medical also has initiated a Lean Six Sigma training program, which has resulted in a systematic approach to process improvement. Two cross-departmental project managers - so-called "Black Belts" - and seven project managers ("Green Belts") have already been trained. Around two thirds of all optimization proposals are therefore implemented at SIMEON Medical.

"Through the CIP program we can achieve savings, improve processes and react flexibly to a continuously changing process landscape. We are delighted with the initiatives of our employees and the many constructive project proposals they have put forward. This is how SIMEON’s guiding principle 'pushing technology to excellence' is achieved in living culture", as Tobias Lang stated, Managing Director at SIMEON Medical and, among other things, responsible for production, quality and staff.


New indian distributor visits SIMEON Medical’s headquarter in Tuttlingen

New indian distributor visits SIMEON Medical’s headquarter in Tuttlingen

In June 2018 our new distributor DSS Imagetech PVT LTD from New Delhi/India visited SIMEON Medical’s headquarter in Tuttlingen. Mr. Kandhari, Managing Director and Mr. Kaushal, Assistant General Manager had the chance to see the impressive building and learn more about the high-quality SIMEON Medical products. DSS Imagetech will distribute the whole product range of the solution provider SIMEON in the NE Region of India. 


New University Hospital in Pingtan/China – all 26 ORs equipped with Sim.LED HighLine

April 28th,2018: Fujian Medical University Hospital officially opened their new branch hospital in Pingtan/China with 1000 beds.

All 26 ORs in the new building are equipped with SIMEON HighLine LED lights. Fujian Medical University Hospital chose the highest quality lights Sim.LED 7000 MC and Sim.LED 5000 MC with camera integration.

The installation with the innovative and modern equipment by the OR solution provider SIMEON medical was finished end of May 2018.


SIMEON Medical is becoming a supplier of OR system solutions

  • Collaboration on new products with RWTH Aachen University
  • OR.NET project for the standardization and normalization of the networking of components in the OR and the hospital
  • Presentation of new solutions at the MEDICA 2018

Tuttlingen, June 5, 2018 SIMEON Medical, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of LED lighting systems for hospital, surgical, and examination rooms, is pressing ahead with its development as supplier of OR system solutions. This medical technology company, located in Tuttlingen, is relying on new product areas and solutions that are being developed, among others, with the medical technology research facility at RWTH Aachen University. The new products are intended to enhance the company's vast product portfolio, to be able to offer a complete and integrated range of operating room equipment from a single source. Aside from its high-grade LED lights, SIMEON Medical recently introduced the world's first wireless ultra-HD camera Sim.CAM 4K, and its ceiling-mounting supply unit Sim.CARRY, which allows for flexible use as well as easy mounting and maintenance thanks to its modular design. The OR.NET project is supporting SIMEON Medical in its transformation from pure lighting manufacturer to systems supplier, with the aim of working with leading medical technology suppliers to standardize the networking of components in operating rooms and hospitals.

Cutting edge research for new, innovative products

"SIMEON’s quality products enjoy great demand at an international level. We will thus continue to invest in the development of new and innovative medical technology products in order to expand our market position", states Dr. Markus Keussen, Managing Director of SIMEON Medical. In order to expand its product portfolio and develop new product areas, SIMEON Medical is cooperating, among others, with the Chair of Medical Technology for the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at RWTH Aachen University (mediTEC). In the Integration, Risk Management and Usability Engineering workgroup, both partners are working on a new OR solution that will be presented for the first time at the Medica 2018 in Dusseldorf, the leading international trade fair for the medical sector, from November 12 to 15.

Standardized networking in the operating room and the hospital

The increasing number of networked instruments and devices has led to the need for integrating medical technology systems and software solutions into one common infrastructure, in both the operating room and the hospital. A standard interface for digital communication does not yet exist, however. SIMEON Medical is thus participating in the OR.NET initiative for the standardization and normalization of the networking of components in operating rooms and hospitals. The aim of the project is the development of strategies for a manufacturer-independent, real-time, dynamic networking of medical devices in the operating room. "A fully networked, digital operating room supports medical personnel with live data in accordance with their tasks. The 'digital OR' thus optimizes workflows and planning", says Dr. Markus Keussen. "We are glad to be a part of this special initiative which is driving medical technology forward. With OR.NET we forge together new paths for our customers, who benefit from a safe and dynamic networking of technical medical components."


Improved brand awareness in China

SIMEON Medical participated in 23rd China OR Nursing Congress in Xi’an.

From April 12th to 14th 2018 SIMEON Medical participated in the CORN, the China OR Nursing Congress in Xi’an. The CORN is a nationwide high-level academic exchange platform for OR nurses where key opinion leaders shared the most advanced information and best practice experiences of OR nursing. Over 1.000 nurses participated in the congress with about 100 medical device manufacturers which set up their booth in the historical imperial capital city Xi’an.

During the exhibition SIMEON medical introduced the new Sim.CARRY pendants to the market and of course showed the Sim.LED HighLine lights for demonstrating the high quality and the unique design of the SIMEON products.

The very successful exhibition strongly improved the brand awareness of SIMEON to the clinical key opinion leaders and thus will help to develop the north-west Chinese market.


To a bright future with strong partners

IDI as new distributor in the US.

Image Diagnostics Inc. (IDI), an industry leader specializing in diagnostic imaging equipment is now the exclusive distributor of SIMEON Medical surgical lighting in the US.

IDI is a leading manufacturer of specialized equipment and accessories for surgical and diagnostic imaging applications. Founded in 1986, IDI is headquartered in Fitchburg, Massachusetts where IDI products are designed and manufactured.

IDI is now distributing the SIMEON surgical lights and examination lights.

You can find further information on their homepage:


New Sim.CARRY ceiling supply unit

SIMEON Medical presents new Sim.CARRY ceiling supply unit

Sim.CARRY, a new ceiling supply unit developed by SIMEON Medical in cooperation with MZ Liberec, has a modular design that provides exceptional flexibility and makes installation and maintenance even easier.

SIMEON Medical, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of LED lighting systems for hospital, surgical, and examination settings, is bringing a new ceiling supply unit onto the market: the Sim.CARRY. The ceiling supply unit is highly flexible and easy to install and maintain. Thanks to its modular design principle, it can be used in new installations as well as to retrofit previously installed supply consoles. The system was developed in conjunction with MZ Liberec, specialists in suspension systems.

Base design allows application flexibility

The Sim.CARRY uses a certified base design engineered to provide maximum flexibility within the broad range of applications for ceiling supply units. This is crucial considering that no two surgical facilities or hospitals have exactly the same needs—supply units may be influenced by the types, positions, and quantities of gas or electrical connection points available, as well as by the specific work processes they are being used in. This is why the Sim.CARRY offers a wide range of accessories (infusion holders, storage racks, drawers, and many more), and is easy to install and combine in a variety of ways. The system can bear loads of up to 200 kg, and allows flexibility in gas and electrical connection point positioning; even after installation, modifications and expansions can be performed without tools. Individual components (such as gas lines) are easily accessible, which greatly simplifies regular inspections, maintenance, and individual part replacements. The ceiling supply unit is thus perfect for any area of use, from operating rooms to intensive care stations. The Sim.CARRY also supports the world’s most commonly used standards (DIN, BS, AFNOR, SS).

“When developing the Sim.CARRY,” says SIMEON Medical Managing Director Dr. Markus Keussen, “we accounted for the entire spectrum of possible uses, and incorporated the necessary flexibility into the design from the beginning. As a result, we are able to offer customized, customer-specific solutions without needing additional development phases, tests, or approval processes.” For example, customers can provide architectural drawings for the specific location of use and a list of specific criteria, and have the Sim.CARRY tailored to their individual needs. After manufacturing, the ceiling supply unit is delivered module by module to its final location, where service technicians can complete installation quickly and easily.


Afterthoughts on MEDICA 2017

SIMEON Medical’s booth at the world’s largest medical trade fair was a complete success

The response generated by our product innovations exceeded all expectations. In keeping with our motto of “user-friendly, hygienic, and wireless”, we unveiled
two brand-new wireless cameras for the first time ever: the Sim.CAM 4K Wireless and the Sim.CAM HD Wireless. This makes SIMEON the world’s only manufacturer supplying wireless 4K and HD technology for surgical environments that is easy to install, upgrade, or retrofit.

Our multi-functional, sterile my.GRIP handle generated a great deal of public interest as well, as did the mobile versions of our surgical and examination lights with removable batteries. Trade fair participants also got an exclusive first look at Sim.CARRY, our new modular ceiling-mounting supply units. With their wide range of accessories (infusion holders, trays, drawers, etc.) and easy installation solutions, they met with enthusiasm from booth visitors.

Trade fairs are hard work, and there’s nothing like slackening the reins after a long, productive day. This year’s booth party was guaranteed to be a good time once again. And word got around, too: a large number of trade fair visitors attended the get-together and enjoyed the perfect finish to a successful trade fair day.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our partners, visitors, and other interested parties, and we look forward to welcoming you to our booths at Arab Health in Dubai (Jan 29 - Feb 1, 2018) and at next year’s MEDICA in Düsseldorf.


Training for Japanese Sales Partners

Closer to our partners

Dr. Markus Keussen, Managing Director of SIMEON Medical and our Head of Product Management & Marketing, Tobias Mager, trained our sales partners in Japan in dealing with SIMEON products last week. “With our training offensive we would like to support our distribution partners on-site even better and offer the joint customers an excellent service” states Dr. Markus Keussen.


Meeting of the Royal College of Surgeons of Thailand in Pattaya

Enthusiasm about the quality of our Sim.CAM 4K Camera

After the presentation during the two biggest international medical fairs, MEDICA in Duesseldorf and Arab Health in Dubai, our 4K Ultra HD Camera was introduced for the first time live in Asia. The participants of the 42nd Annual Meeting of the Royal College of Surgeons of Thailand (RCST) in Pattaya, Jomtien Beach from July 7-10 were enthusiastic regarding the fine-structured pictures with clear, sharp contours and strikingly better colors when recording in surgery and examination rooms.


Training for Indian Sales Partners

SIMEON offered two trainings for distributors in India last week. At two locations in Mumbai (Western part of India) and Chennai (South East), Tobias Mager, our Head of Product Management & Marketing trained the employees of our sales partners from all over India in our new products and services.


G-MEA Training Center in Byblos, Lebanon

First SIMEON Medical product and service training in Byblos

After the foundation of our subsidiary in Beirut, we teamed up with the renowned organization G-MEA (General Medical Workshop Association Middle East & Africa) to take the opportunity of introducing dealers and customers in the region to our “Made in Germany” quality OR products. 13 participants from nine countries were taught the tips and tricks of day-to-day use of our products by
our Service Manager Frank Biehler, who traveled from our headquarters in Tuttlingen, Germany for the occasion.

During two days of training, the participants learned, amongst other things, how to correctly install the products and could then put their practical knowledge to use immediately. The participants can carry out independent on-site service updates in the clinics in the future. The G-MEA Training Center in Byblos proved itself as the ideal location to present our products and to train the dealers in the region without their having to travel extensively.


SIMEON Medical opens up a branch office in Lebanon

Expansion of sales activities in the Middle East & Africa (MEA) region

SIMEON Medical recently founded the subsidiary S.I.M.E.O.N. Medical MEA SAL in Beirut (Lebanon) in order to accommodate the demands of rapid growth in the "Middle East & Africa" region. The showroom and a training center at this location offer sales representatives and their customers the possibility to test, on site, OR-quality products that are "Made in Germany" and to benefit from product, installation and service training offerings.

SIMEON is now represented by regional offices in China, Malaysia, India, Lebanon and the USA, servicing our sales network in more than 80 markets.


Arab Health 2017 follow-up

Innovations for a modern surgical field

"Over time, the Arab Health in Dubai has become the most important hub for innovative medical technology, alongside the MEDICA", states Dr. Markus Keussen, CEO of SIMEON Medical. "Health care in the Middle East places less of a focus on cost savings and a greater emphasis on the desire for innovative medical technology for the most modern care."

Our visitors were very enthusiastic about our new products in the areas of video integration, light cleanliness and light mobility, with which our innovative LED light and system solutions are being expanded.

The new 4K ULTRA HD camera with a resolution of 8,847,360 pixels (4096 x 2160) reveals details that were not previously visible with a full HD camera. The new mobile stand for SIMEON lights with battery allows for a flexible, mobile and comfortable use, in every place and at every time.

The lights by SIMEON Medical were also used at a 3D Medical Printing Workshop. In addition to the live demonstrations of 3D medical printing, and the presentation of body parts printed with a 3D printer, there was also a practical training session teaching operation methods for surgical interventions, especially in the area of pediatric surgery.


Medica 2016 Review

Presentation of Sim.CAM 4K Ultra HD Camera

Featured attraction at this year´s Medica was the new Sim.CAM 4K Ultra HD Camera, the new dimension in video images. Our numerous visitors were very enthusiastic regarding the new image quality which displays even more details.

Another highlight was the presentation of a new solution for our HighLine surgical lights: Anti.BAC, an innovative coating for better hygienic conditions. Further the Sim.LED mobile lights with battery backup system attracted great interest.

Many thanks to all of our visitors. We look forward to seeing you again during Medica 2017!


NEW: Sim.LED mobile battery system

More flexible. More mobile. More convenient. The new mobile stand for SIMEON lights.

(Sim.LED 7000 / 5000 / 700 / 500 / 450 / 3500+ / 350)

Visually appealing, easy to clean, and powerful: SIMEON’s new battery system — for single or double battery system. Optionally with double or quadruple wall charger.


NEW: SIMEON HighLine 7000 and 5000 with Anti.BAC

Innovative coating. Better hygienic conditions.

  • Maximum antimicrobial efficacy (log 5.9 for Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus)
  • Reduces germs by > 99.999
  • No potentially physiologically harmful nano-silver or free silver ions
  • Antimicrobial effect in accordance with ISO 22196 (JIS Z 2801)

  • 11.11.2016

    NEW: Sim.CAM 4K - The new dimension in video images

    More Details. Better Treatment.
    Fascinating images — with clear, sharp contours and strikingly improved color. Details that Full HD was unable to depict are now clear and distinct with 4K ULTRA HD.

    SIMEON Medical lands major order in China

    Surgical lights for Fudan University Hospital in Shanghai

    Founded in 2015, our Chinese subsidiary SIMEON Medical Products (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. has scored its first large-scale order for SIMEON: the Tuttlingen-based medical technology company, one of the top manufacturers of LED lights for operating and examination rooms worldwide is equipping the new operating rooms of the Eyes&ENT Hospital of Fudan University in Shanghai with 17 double-combinations of its HighLine series of LED surgical lights and HD Touch cameras. The university hospital is ranked among the top class of hospitals in China.

    “We are delighted about this highly auspicious business development. After a difficult start for the overall company in the first half of the year, we gained a large number of orders for our proprietary brand and have been working at full capacity since mid-year. This shows that we have made the right decisions with the strategic course we’ve set over the past few months, such as tapping into new markets in China and the USA by founding companies and expanding our product Portfolio".


    IMPRESSDAY in Tuttlingen

    SIMEON attends 1. international medical press day in Tuttlingen

    IMPRESSDAY – First international medical press day organized by Medical Mountains AG with more than 100 participants presents innovations of regional medical technology companies.

    SIMEON Medical gets in contact with journalists of specialized magazines from Germany, Italy, England, Spain, Finland and the USA.


    SIMEON Medical at Arab Health

    Increasing importance of markets in Middle East & Africa

    With a display area twice as large as last year, SIMEON Medical featured the new “BusinessLine” light family, among other products, at the Arab Health exhibition in Dubai from January 25-29.

    With 130,000 healthcare professionals attending, and more than 4,000 exhibitors from 163 countries, Arab Health is one of the biggest healthcare conventions and exhibitions for the Middle East and Africa. In these important markets, SIMEON’s high quality products are represented by strong partners.

    “The Arab Health 2016 was a great success for SIMEON”, confirmed Dr. Markus Keussen, Managing Director SIMEON Medical. “One of the highlights was the presentation of our new BusinessLine. Our products were well received by international clients. Apart from that we also had the chance to make a lot of new business contacts from countries where we are not yet represented by a dealer.”


    MEDICA 2015 Review

    Impressive appearance with a larger space and new booth concept

    A featured attraction at this year´s MEDICA was the new BusinessLine OR-Light product family. Numerous visitors observed the product quality of the new BusinsessLine lights, their enhanced combination possibilities, and the attractive pricing.

    Another highlight was the presentation of a high-end OR situation, in cooperation with our partners S-CAPE (operating consoles) and SHD (modular wall systems).

    Further the varied selection of innovative examination lights attracted great interest.

    Many thanks to all of our visitors. We look forward to seeing you again during MEDICA 2016!


    SIMEON presents new OR-Light Product Family BusinessLine

    SIMEON presents its new product line BusinessLine during an international dealer event.

    With the BusinessLine, the medical light solution provider from Tuttlingen addresses primarily the so-called medium segment and opens up new markets. The new products will be presented to the general public for the first time at MEDICA in Düsseldorf from November 16-19 (Hall 13, stand D30).

    An important component of the BusinessLine is – as for all SIMEON lights – the SIMEON patented and market-leading reflector technology. BusinessLine OR lights are also produced from high-quality materials such as aluminum and glass, provide hygienically optimized surfaces, and offer the typical SIMEON light quality. Small, medium-sized, and large OR lights can be combined without any restrictions. With its product portfolio, SIMEON offers the perfect light for every OR situation and every user.


    The BusinessLine as well as the complete product portfolio of SIMEON is produced at the Tuttlingen facility and Made in Germany.


    SIMEON gets ready for the future

    Spectacular scenes at the premises of SIMEON Medical in Tuttlingen: Today, a new turning/milling machine of the Japanese company Mazak was delivered and lifted by crane from the street to the production hall. Simeon can reduce the processing time for several production steps considerably and thereby produce more in the same time in the future.


    SIMEON Medical charts double-digit turnover growth

    Expansion in international sales activities: new businesses in the USA and China

    SIMEON Medical, one of the top 3 manufacturers of LED lights for operation and examination rooms worldwide, is on the road to success. The Tuttlingen-based medical technology company recorded a record turnover of 27 million euros in 2014. This constitutes an 11.8 percent increase over the previous year. The initial figures for the ongoing year indicate that the positive development will continue.

    SIMEON’s LED operation and examination lights are made in Germany and meet the latest requirements in terms of quality, function, flexibility, hygiene and reliability. The company has been run under dual leadership since May of last year. Dr. Markus Keussen is in charge of marketing, sales, product management and service, while Tobias Lang handles controlling, production, research and development, quality and human resources.

    New businesses in the USA and China

    SIMEON’s quality products are also enjoying ever-greater demand on an international level. That’s why the company is continuing to expand its sales activities worldwide. And so it came to be that in March, SIMEON Medical USA LLC was founded in the town of Greenville, South Carolina. The American branch brought John Hester, a well-known US market expert, on board as the CEO. He has over 30 years of sales experience in the US medical technology sector. The market in the Far East is also becoming increasingly attractive for SIMEON. For that reason, the company will be establishing a subsidiary there in May, 2015: SIMEON Medical Products (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. In addition to the two new companies, SIMEON already has a worldwide presence on more than 80 markets thanks to its sales network.


    Girls’ Day 2015 at SIMEON Medical: Great carrier opportunities for girls in medical technology

    A large number of female students from the region took advantage of Girls’ Day on 23.04.15 for its first carrier step in medical technology.

    Like in the last five years, the Tuttlingen medical technology company SIMEON Medical invited girls and young women for a day-long tour of its headquarters. SIMEON is one of the top 3 manufacturers of LED operation and examination lights in the world. After a tour of the company, the participants had a chance to learn about their career prospects in the industry in a meeting with SIMEON employees and try out individual work steps in various departments themselves. SIMEON offers apprenticeships for the positions of industrial clerk, cutting machine operator and industrial electrician.



    Medica 2014 Review

    The presence of SIMEON at the World Forum for Medicine in Düsseldorf was once again a complete success in 2014.

    Even more visitors came than last year! Clear highlights in the product range this year were the new examination lights. With the Sim.LED 250 and Sim.LED 350, Simeon completes the extensive and innovative product portfolio.
    All kinds of fun and a good mood is guaranteed at our Get-Together Party. Apparently word got around, because the Response was gigantic.
    We thank all visitors and interested parties and are already looking forward to the next MEDICA in Düsseldorf!

    NEW: Extended Warranty!


    SIMEON Extended Warranty Highest security at the best price! New, extended warranty ...

    Click here for further information

    A look back at Arab Health 2014

    SIMEON’s attendance in Dubai was again a complete success. The new products were a real hit and the demand and interest was fantastic.


    We are already looking forward to Arab Health 2015!

    Click here for further information

    A look back at MEDICA 2013

    A more than 50% rise in visitors compared to 2012 and a host of interesting and promising discussions with specialist dealers and potential partners – all this made our appearance in Düsseldorf this year a resounding success yet again.

    The lighting concept by SIMEON has established itself worldwide and the wide-ranging benefits such as light quality, flexibility and the revolutionary support arm system have generated a great market response. Our new HD camera Sim.CAM HD Touch was equally well received – really fantastic news. This year saw us host a get-together party for the first time at our stand. We entertained over 100 guests – a great time was had by all. And we’ll be celebrating again also next year – maybe you will join us?



    New! Sim.CAM HD

    The new Sim.CAM HD combines the best picture quality with the greatest degree of comfort. Thanks to its slim design, the new premium HD camera is considerably easier to operate and can be quickly moved to any desired position. The new design of the control unit with touchscreen interface ensures improved ergonomics, supports intuitive operation and meets the most demanding hygiene requirements. SIMEON will be presenting the new Sim.CAM HD at the MEDICA from 20-23 November 2013 in Düsseldorf.

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