SIMEON Medical launches two new examination lights  

Sim.LED 250 and Sim.LED 350: State-of-the-art LED technology for examinations

The compact Sim.LED 250 and flexible Sim.LED 350 offer state-of-the-art LED technology for medical examination applications. Single-colour, white-light LEDs, patented reflector technology and a special LED arrangement guarantee a homogeneous light field, optimal heat management and energy efficiency. The centrepiece of both lights is the patented Sim.POD. This is comprised of three high-performance LEDs of the latest generation positioned in the centre of a high-tech aluminium reflector. With their seamless, self-enclosed design, the Sim.LED 250 and Sim.LED 350 comply with the strictest hygiene and cleanliness requirements. The two lights were presented for the first time at MEDICA 2014 and are now available on the market.

Optimal illumination in every examination situation

The new Sim.LED examination lights combine optimal performance values with cost-efficiency. The Sim.LED 250 is particularly suited to use in examination situations where space is limited. Thanks to its reduced construction, the compact light can be installed in a wide range of ways, including on a ceiling-mounting supply unit via a flex arm for example. Mobile versions, wall-mounted versions and ceiling versions are also available. Three high-performance LEDs in the centre of a high-tech aluminium reflector guarantee a homogeneous light field and optimal illumination. With three reflectors arranged geometrically in a triangle, the Sim.LED 350 offers a maximum light-emitting surface and brilliant light thanks to optimised depth illumination. Thanks to its low weight, it can be positioned easily and securely and thus guarantees surgical light quality in every situation. The Sim.LED 350 is also available in mobile, wall-mounted and ceiling versions. SIMEON offers a 5-year guarantee on the Sim.POD integrated in both lights.

Overview of technical data

SIMEON LED examination lights Sim.LED 250 Sim.LED 350
Central illumination intensity at a distance of 1 metre [lx] 25.000 60.000
Colour temperature [K] 4.500 4.500
Field size d10 at a distance of 1 metre [mm] 165 170
Colour rendering index Ra > 93 96
Power consumption [W] 15 25
No. of LEDs 3 9
Lamp lifespan [h] > 50.000 > 50.000

Tolerance ±10 %