SIMEON Medical

Your solution provider for the hospital

As a hospital solution provider, SIMEON Medical has more than 20 years of experience, 100 employees at 6 sites worldwide, great innovative capacity and invaluable know-how for medical technology solutions. Thank to our proximity to our customers and understanding of their needs, we guarantee you excellent products – made in Germany.

At SIMEON, you can be sure that our corporate culture is characterized by reliability and solution orientation. Under these maxims, and in cooperation with the customer, our highly qualified employees find individual solutions for the challenges of everyday hospital routine! Thanks to our state-of-the-art production in Tuttlingen we guarantee our customers reliable products Made in Germany.

S.Schatz, CEO SIMEON Medical


We offer excellence for your hospital

Future security, customer orientation and innovation! Dynamics, team spirit, refinement and quality!

Unbeatable advantages

SIMEON Medical stands for the interplay between innovation, steady growth, global operations and German-made quality:


Innovative solutions

For SIMEON innovation means adding value to the customer. SIMEON’s products provide a great deal of flexibility, and our numerous patents are testament to their exceptional level of technical innovation; these qualities have helped SIMEON become a key company in medical technology.



SIMEON has continuously been developing new and innovative products since its foundation, always in line with SIMEON’s philosophy as a solution provider for the hospital with focus on the OR.



As an internationally operating company, we sell in more than 90 countries worldwide, supported by our 6 regional sales offices.


Made in Germany

We operate on a global level – without forgetting our roots.

Our company history

Dynamics, innovative capacity and excellence

Quality Made in Germany – SIMEON Medical has been providing future-proof products for medical use and complete solutions for the hospital since its establishment in the year 2000. And we continuously redefine ourselves in the process. After all, as an innovative and dynamic enterprise, the continuous development of customer-oriented products of exceptional quality is within the heart of our culture.

Milestones in our company’s history

Establishment of SIMEON Medical in Tuttlingen


First halogen light for a partner


First LED light for a partner


Start of SIMEON’s own brand as a solution provider for surgical lights


Relocation to our new and modern company building


Continuous development as a solution provider by introducing the SIMEON examination lights to the market


Presentation of the HighLine family with multi-color LEDs which allow the adjustment of the color temperature


Launch of the patented suspension arm system Sim.FLEX.
Modular. Flexible. Revolutionary.


Completion of the product portfolio of examination lights by the presentation of the Sim.LED 250 and Sim.LED 350 examination lights


Expansion of the surgical lights product portfolio by introducing the SIMEON BusinessLine


Presentation of the first medical 4K camera from SIMEON Medical


Further development as a system solution provider for the hospital focusing on the operating room through the introduction of the new Sim.CARRY ceiling supply units


Launch of the wireless medical grade camera Sim.CAM HD Wireless. 

Further development as a solution provider focusing on the operating room - introduction of a new product area: the Sim.MOVE 800 mobile operating table.


Launch of the wireless medical grade 4K camera system Sim.CAM 4K Wireless.


Sales start of SIMEON’s first mobile operating table Sim.MOVE 800

Various SIMEON products now available with the innovative antibacterial coating Anti.BAC®


Sales start of the New HighLine Sim.LED 8000

Our Corporate Mission Statement

Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision:

Bring healthcare technology to everyone

Our Mission:

Provide top quality and affordable medical solutions

Our Values:

Agile, collaborative, insightful, honest

Our philosophy

Pushing Technology to Excellence

In recent years, we have developed to become one of the world's leading producers of hospital solutions. We operate and produce according to our philosophy “Pushing Technology to Excellence” at all times. Our work is based on three pillars: innovation, global footprint and German-made quality.

What “Pushing Technology to Excellence” means to us:


Doing things right the first time


Providing solutions which offer significant customer benefits


Being a reliable business partner


Using resources sustainably

Our manufacturing expertise

Quality, know-how and flexibility for our customers

To react quickly and flexibly to your requests and requirements – that is our aspiration. Our highly qualified and well-trained team of professions puts these requirements into practice with the use of cutting-edge production technologies, great depth of production at the company and comprehensive know-how. Our products are always precisely adapted to meet your requirements and needs in everyday hospital work.

Our quality management

Consistently top-notch product quality

We make no compromise in the quality of our products. We produce with cutting-edge manufacturing technologies, primarily work with local and certified suppliers and exclusively use high-grade materials. We achieve and maintain our high quality standards through continuous process monitoring and improvement as well as our seamless quality management.

An overview of our services:


ISO 13485:2016:
Current certification of our
Quality Management System


MDSAP: Current certification of our Quality Management System in accordance with the requirements for the EU, USA, Japan, Australia and Canada


ISO 14001:
Current certification of our
Environmental Management System


UL monitoring:
Quarterly verification of our products by UL


Registration at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)


Known consignor:
Entitlement to secure air freight

Environment – go green

The future of our environment at a glance

Our environment is near and dear to our hearts! So we do everything we can to secure its future. Environmental protection is one of our primary company goals. We focus on sustainable growth and a resource-conserving company policy. That way, we contribute to a healthy future worth living in.

For achieving this task, the environmental policy of SIMEON is based on the following principle:


This includes:

  • We protect our environment.
  • We undertake to comply with our binding obligations.
  • We continuously improve our environmental management system with the goal of improving our environmental performance.
Environmental protection at SIMEON Medical – an overview:
  • We save energy through the use of photovoltaic systems
  • We heat and cool using geothermal boreholes and use the heat from our compressors for heat recovery.
  • We make our products out of high grade recyclable materials such as glass and aluminum instead of plastic. This makes our products exceptionally durable.
  • We recycle the shavings which accumulate in production and package our products with recyclable materials whenever possible.

Your way to SIMEON Medical

Nice to see you!

We are happy to have the pleasure of welcoming you to SIMEON!
Here’s how to find us:
S.I.M.E.O.N. Medical GmbH & Co. KG
In Grubenäcker 18
D-78532 Tuttlingen 

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We are looking forward to seeing you!