Health Day at SIMEON Medical

SIMEON Medical, solution provider for the hospital, organized a health day in cooperation with the AOK Schwarzwald-Baar-Heuberg and the Physiotherapy Praxis Bank from Bad Dürrheim. Afterwards, a well-deserved Power Shake awaited the participants at the Smoothie Bar, organized by SIMEON Medical trainees.
"Whether you work in production or sit in front of the PC, it quickly comes to one-sided loads," says prevention expert Birgit Kinzelmann. "The result can be tension in the cervical spine. With very simple exercises, you can do something about it. " The AOK therefore also offered a neck check to identify limitations of mobility and tension on the cervical spine. Further preventive measures such as body fat measurement, lung function test, blood collection and blood pressure measurement supplemented the offer.
"Our success as a global solution provider for the hospital would not be possible without a strong, flexible team. Therefore, we want to activate our employees for the topic of health ", says SIMEON Medical Managing Director Dr. Ing. Markus Keussen. "Health should come first. At SIMEON, we have long been offering in-house health services such as a gym, sports facilities and free fruit. With the health day, we have set a further signal and were delighted with the great response, "adds Tobias Lang, Managing Director of SIMEON Medical and, among other things, responsible for production, quality and personnel.