IBRA Institute Basel: Innovative medical technology in the newly opened Bioskills Laboratory

The International Bone Research Association (IBRA) is an international transdisciplinary network in medical education and research. The independent non-profit organization is aimed in particular at specialized surgeons and researchers. In August 2023, IBRA moved into a new training and continuing education center in Kleinbasel's "Stücki Park." Medartis AG provided the medical technology equipment for the 870 m² bioskills laboratory. Also on board was its partner SIMEON Medical GmbH & Co. KG. The two specialists for OR equipment have been working together successfully for several years.

On September 25, 2004, 18 dedicated surgeons and researchers founded IBRA in Zurich. Core concerns include sharing expertise in bone and soft tissue surgery, promoting new developments and research, and providing highly specialized, advanced education and training. On August 24, 2023, the IBRA Institute Basel was added as a new training facility - a bioskills laboratory that provides healthcare professionals with a real-life surgical environment for surgical education and training. "It is the ideal place to study real-life clinical cases, conduct hands-on training and education, and develop new surgical techniques. Medical professionals and students can examine and manipulate specimens to deepen their understanding of human anatomy and physiology and improve their practical skills," explains Peter Cologna, Head of Education at Medartis AG.

State-of-the-art technology for training purposes
The 870 m² training facility can accommodate up to 80 people. The technical and surgical area includes twelve fully equipped surgical operating units with state-of-the-art radiology technology and image monitors. Two surgical stations function as master stations, each of which also has a camera.

IBRA commissioned Basel-based Medartis AG to equip and design the bioskills laboratory. With a wide range of solutions for orthopedic surgeons, Medartis specializes in the development, manufacture and worldwide marketing of implants and instruments for hand and foot surgery. In terms of innovation and quality control, the medical technology company, founded in 1997, sets high standards. "We have already been cooperating successfully with IBRA for 20 years. Our common goal is to provide high-quality products and scientifically sound treatment solutions combined with first-class service," says Ricardo Novo, Bioskills Lab Manager at IBRA Institute. 

Cooperation at its best
Accordingly, Medartis was involved early on in the planning and design of the new training center in Basel's "Stücki" life science center. "In intensive exchange with the IBRA Institute, we optimally planned the laboratory and training areas and tried to equip them with the latest technology and equipment. Together, we wanted to create the best spatial conditions for physicians, surgical staff, healthcare professionals and clinical researchers to conduct advanced and complex medical training," explains Peter Cologna. 

Medartis relied on its partner SIMEON Medical from Tuttlingen to equip the surgical operating units. "This new partnership came about as a result of a previous collaboration between SIMEON and myself. In this regard, SIMEON has always been a trustworthy and absolutely reliable partner that always delivers high-quality complete solutions for the operating room," reports Ricardo Novo. "We also appreciate the very good communication and collegial cooperation with the SIMEON team." The IBRA Institute uses surgical lights, camera systems and support arm systems from SIMEON.

In the best light...
Optimal lighting conditions and flexible depth illumination of the surgical field are particularly important in orthopedic applications. In the IBRA Institute in Basel, SIMEON surgical luminaires are used in all operating units. A Sim.LED 450 MC luminaire from the SIMEON BusinessLine is mounted on each of twelve ceiling-mounted SIMEON support arm systems, each with two extension arms. The SIMEON support arm systems can be positioned correctly quickly and easily without any effort. The service- and maintenance-friendly surgical luminaires offer maximum flexibility and guarantee the best lighting conditions depending on the situation and requirements.

"We are thrilled with the high quality of light and the very natural color rendering in every color temperature setting. SIMEON is not just any luminaire manufacturer, but an expert who knows exactly the lighting conditions in ORs and what surgeons require. The OR luminaires fit perfectly into the overall system," says Ricardo Novo. 

... and perfect image
Two Sim.CAM HD camera systems and Sim.SCREEN SIMEON monitor mounts continue to be installed in the Bioskills lab. While one camera is located in an OR light, the second is mobile for all kinds of training scenarios. The cameras transmit images sharply and precisely from any selected position. They convince with high-resolution camera images at a resolution of 2,140,000 pixels.

"The quality of the transmission to the monitors is excellent and completely interference-free - even to the auditorium on the 1st floor," says Peter Cologna.

The Sim.CAM HD camera system features 10x and 30x optical zoom (16x digital and 12x digital, respectively) as well as manual and electronic image rotation. This allows extremely sharp and detailed reproduction of small and fine structures during surgery. "We are very satisfied with the cameras. We can use them to realize various concepts for all conceivable scenarios. The quality of the resolution almost goes in the direction of 4K," says Ricardo Novo. All SIMEON luminaires are automatically camera-ready. The camera systems can be exchanged without tools, depending on where they are needed at the moment. SIMEON's surgical lights and cameras are controlled by wall-mounted control, by my.GRIP sterile handle or directly on the light body. 

Expectations more than fulfilled
Medartis and SIMEON, with their expertise and products, have been instrumental in bringing IBRA Institute Basel far to the forefront of medical education for surgeons. The high level of user-friendliness, the flexibility of SIMEON's solutions and the well thought-out design fit perfectly with IBRA's concept of making surgeons' everyday work easier. Starting from the equipment to the entire setting, SIMEON and Medartis have created an environment that corresponds 100 percent to real conditions in clinics "The only thing missing is 'real' patients," says Peter Cologna. 

"SIMEON's products have more than met our expectations in terms of quality, performance and robustness. Unsurpassed is SIMEON's excellent service," reports Ricardo Novo. And the feedback from training participants was also very positive throughout. "Many surgeons were very enthusiastic and said that such a good infrastructure and professional equipment is unparalleled," says training manager Peter Cologna.

As a next step, IBRA plans to stream training at national and international events to universities and other institutions in more than 50 countries. "We have already conducted some tests. They turned out very much to our satisfaction. The cameras are easy to integrate into existing infrastructures," says Ricardo Novo. The next projects are in the starting blocks. Medartis and SIMEON Medical will certainly be back on board to shed further light.