SIMEON Coronavirus Intensive Care Package: Easy set up and expansion of intensive care capacities in the fight against coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic has brought about, and continues to cause, numerous capacity bottlenecks within intensive care, both nationally and internationally. This means that many hospitals need to increase the capacities of their intensive care units in a relatively short time. The solution provider SIMEON Medical is providing global support to them with a special intensive care package. This is easy to install, ready to use on site and cost effective. With the new intensive care package, SIMEON offers hospitals situation-oriented decision-making support for the expansion of their intensive care units. Thanks to its modular design, the package meets individual requirements for intensive care units worldwide.

Safe care for coronavirus intensive care patients

As an experienced hospital solution provider, including in the field of intensive care, SIMEON has developed the coronavirus intensive care package. It meets the most important requirements for the care of coronavirus patients: The required equipment is easily accessible and directly available at the intensive care bedside. It meets the highest hygienic standards and is intuitive to use. This makes working on the patient easy and safe.

The package consists of supply units with built-in components specially designed for the needs of ventilated coronavirus patients. The supply consoles are available as a wall- or ceiling-mounted solution. This offers hospitals around the world maximum flexibility in terms of spatial layout and adaptation to local structural conditions.
In order to minimize the risk of infection for staff and other patients and to avoid unnecessary patient transport, it is common practice to perform small interventions on the coronavirus patient directly on site in the intensive care unit. For this purpose, each supply unit is equipped with a Sim.LED 250 examination light and can be expanded with an additional powerful Sim.LED 350 examination light.

Can be used as a regular intensive care unit in the "post-corona period"

The additionally created intensive care capacities can also continue to be used once the coronavirus pandemic has passed. The package contains the most important gas connections such as oxygen, compressed air and vacuum extraction, sockets and data sockets. Trays are also available for storing devices as well as holders for infusion stands and monitors. All built-in components are available in all global standards.
Together with international sales and service partners, SIMEON can also help to implement individual requirements of particular clinics if required.

"With the SIMEON coronavirus intensive care package, we offer hospitals around the world the opportunity to set up and expand intensive care capacities cost-efficiently, quickly and effortlessly. As a hospital solution provider, it is important to us to enable the availability of medical technology solutions worldwide. The intensive care packages are another step in this direction," explains Managing Director Dr. Markus Keussen.

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