SIMEON Medical presents the new mobile video solution Sim.VID

Sim.VID enables the flexible equipping of operating and examination rooms with the latest visualization technology without any structural measures.

SIMEON Medical, one of the worlds leading solution providers for the hospital, recently launched the completely new mobile video solution Sim.VID which can be used in operating as well as examination rooms. The modular system consists of a wireless Sim.CAM camera, either with Full HD or with 4K technology including a wireless remote control and a cart with receiver and monitor. In addition, the solution is optionally available with a device for streaming and recording of medical images or videos during surgery or examination.

Sim.VID is compatible with all SIMEON surgical lights and can be used immediately without tools with just a few steps. With the Sim.VID solution, existing operating theatres and examination rooms can be retrofitted with the latest visualization technology without any structural measures in the room. Thanks to the mobile concept. Sim.VID makes every operating room with SIMEON operating lights video-capable. This offers the opportunity of using the operating rooms more flexibly as well as multifunctional.

Sim.VID – Video solution everywhere and every time for great future-proof flexibility.

Great advantages at a glance:

  • Unique to SIMEON
  • Video solution everywhere, every time
  • Cost effectiveness
  • No structural measures
  • Future-proof flexibility