The all-rounder of the ceiling supply units

Flexible to use, individually designed and in line with worldwide standards – our ceiling- supply unit Sim.CARRY stands out thanks to its modularity, fullfilment of the strictest hygiene and safety requirements, as well as easy installation and maintenance. Thanks to the wide variety of Sim.CARRY versions, we offer the ideal solution for every field of application.

SIMEON Ceiling Supply Units

Advantages of the Sim.CARRY ceiling supply units

The ideal supply manager in the OR and in intensive care



Wide variety suitable for all common disciplines and application areas



All internationally common standards as well as adapters for all common anesthesia devices


State-of-the-art technologies

State-of-the-art technologies such as eBrake


Hygiene-optimized design

Hygiene-optimized design for easy cleaning

Technical data

Sim.CARRYSim.CARRY 50 Sim.CARRY 100 Sim.CARRY 200 Sim.CARRY 150 Sim.CARRY 250
Type Fixed column 1 x extension arm 2 x extension arm 1 x motor arm 1 x motor arm with extension arm
Arm lengths [mm] - 450/600/ 800/1000 Extension arm 1: 450/600/ 800/1000
Extension arm 2: 450/600/800
800 Extension arm: 450/600/ 800/1000
Motor arm: 800
Supply console L06/L10/L12/L15 X X X X X
Supply console A (horizontal) X X X X X
Supply console Z (with lift for anesthesia machines or endoscopy trolley) X X X