Sim.LED 250

Reduced to the optimum

The Sim.LED 250, with an integrated dimming function and a total of six LEDs, is the ideal light for your individual examination needs since it offers an optimal light field. Thanks to its flexibility and optimal downsizing, the Sim.LED 250 fits well with every type of use, in every place of examination.


  • Low weight and easily mobile
  • Useable anywhere: as a ceiling, wall, mobile version or attached to the ceiling supply unit, it’s easily adaptable to any type of use at any location
  • Various product models for individual needs

Ideal light in the examination room

  • Integrated dimmung fucntion with 6 LEDs
  • High-end materials for long life time and maximum energy efficiency


  • Extremely easy cleaning thanks to seamless enclosed design

Secure flexibility for the future

  • Service and maintenance-friendly design

Technical data

Sim.LED 250 Dimming 0.5 m distance 1 m distance
Central illumination intensity at a distance of 1 m [lx] >70,000 >20,000
Color temperature [K] 4,000 4,000
Focusable field size d10 at a distance of 1m [mm] 130 250
Color rendering index Ra in every color temperature setting >92 >92
Light head power consumption [W] 16 16
LED life time [h] > 25,000 > 25,000
Approval CE CE

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