Sim.MOVE 300 & 400

Flexible. User Friendly. Cost effective.

With the Sim.MOVE 300 and Sim.MOVE 400 mobile operating tables, SIMEON is expanding its product portfolio of operating tables with two allround talents. In addition to excellent hygiene properties and functional operability, the operating tables impress with their universal and flexible usability. The OR tables are the ideal solution for straight forward clinic needs and surgery centers worldwide.

Unbeatable arguments

Flexible and application oriented positioning

With the Sim.MOVE 300 and Sim.MOVE 400 mobile operating tables, SIMEON offers products that focus on the user and their needs. The intuitive operating concept and simple handling make work in the operating room efficient. Thanks to their high flexibility and interdisciplinary usability, the Sim.MOVE operating tables are perfectly suited to the requirements of all common surgical specialities.

One-of-a-kind user friendliness

The Sim.MOVE 300 and 400 offer a great operating platform that is safe and reliable. The intuitive handling allows the user to concentrate on the essential tasks in the operating room. In addition to an intuitive hand control unit, the Sim.MOVE 300 and Sim.MOVE 400 also impress with their easy maneuverability thanks to the 5th wheel.

Outstanding safety, hygiene and quality

Products that are optimally designed to keeping in mind the patient and user safety. With great product highlights, the Sim.MOVE 300 & 400 operating tables offer outstanding safety and excellent hygiene properties.

Technical data

  Sim.MOVE 300/310Sim.MOVE 400/410
Type Electro-hydraulic Electro-hydraulic
Max. patient weight (static/dynamic) [kg] 250/185 250/225
Longitudinal shift [mm] 250, manual (Sim.MOVE 310) 250, manual (Sim.MOVE 410)
Height adjustment[mm] 690-1,050 (Sim.MOVE 300)/720-1,080 (Sim.MOVE 310) 690-1,050 (Sim.MOVE 400)/720-1,080 (Sim.MOVE 410)
Lateral adjustment +/-20° +/-20°
Back plate +75°/-50° (manual) +75°/-50° (manual)
Leg plate +20°/-90° (manual) +20°/-90° (manual)
5th wheel yes yes
Automatic zero position yes yes
X-ray cassette chute yes yes