Sim.MOVE 800

Business-Class with high-end characteristics

The Sim.MOVE 800 mobile operating table is fully new developed and made by SIMEON Medical. It is, thanks to its first-class product highlights, the perfect match for your extraordinary requirements in the OR. SIMEON’s product philosophy emphasizes intuitive operation, safety, quality and optimal hygiene properties. With a wide range of adjustment options, the Sim.MOVE 800 meets the requirements of all established operating disciplines.

Sim.MOVE 800 product video

Unbeatable arguments

One fits all

SIMEON’s product philosophy puts intuitive operation, safety, quality and optimal hygiene properties at the forefront. The Sim.MOVE 800 impresses users with its wide range of storage options and easy handling, making it a universal operating table for all common specialist disciplines. 

One-of-a-kind user friendliness

The Sim.MOVE 800 also brings another innovation to the market: the unique my.LIGHT light management function, which facilitates intuitive handling. Thanks to the my.LIGHT function, patient orientation is always clearly visible to the user, among other things. This enables simple and safe handling at any time, even under OR conditions as well as in reverse position.

Universally applicable

Thanks to its variability, the Sim.MOVE 800 is perfectly suited to the requirements of all common specialist disciplines.With the application-oriented design and high load capacity of 454 kg, the Sim.MOVE 800 can also be used for bariatric applications. The large longitudinal shift of the mattress platform of 400 mm allows a flexible intra operative use of a C-arm without having to reposition the patient.

Dynamic & Stable

The Sim.MOVE 800 impresses with its maximum stability thanks to the innovative Automatic Floorlock System (AFS, optional). Due to the optional uneven-floor compensation, this is guaranteed even on uneven surfaces. In addition, the Sim.MOVE 800 is effortlessly maneuverable - thanks to the optional fifth extendable wheel in the table base. The optional "2-DRIVE" drive function enables to move the table smoothly even under maximum load.

Technical data

Sim.MOVE 800  
Type Electro-hydraulic
Max. patient weight (static/dynamic) [kg] 454/270
Longitudinal shift [mm] 400
Height adjustment [mm] 600 - 1,100
Trendelenburg +35°/-35°
Lateral adjustment +25°/-25°
Back plate +90°/-50°
Leg plate +20°/-90°
Flex movement yes
5th wheel yes, optional
Traction drive yes, optional
Automatic zero position yes
X-ray cassette chute yes, completely continuous