Sim.MOVE 800

Business-Class with high-end characteristics

The Sim.MOVE 800 mobile operating table is fully new developed and made by SIMEON Medical. It is, thanks to its first-class product highlights, the perfect match for your extraordinary requirements in the OR. SIMEON’s product philosophy emphasizes intuitive operation, safety, quality and optimal hygiene properties. With a wide range of adjustment options, the Sim.MOVE 800 meets the requirements of all established operating disciplines.

Unbeatable arguments

High flexibility for your OR

The mobile operating table ensures versatility due to its smooth-running wheels, directionally stable 5th wheel and optional traction drive and guarantees high flexibility in the surgical environment.

Interdisciplinary use

Thanks to its large adjustment range the Sim.MOVE 800 is perfectly suited to the requirements of all major operating disciplines – one for all.

Intuitive user-interface concept for more safety

The Sim.MOVE 800 operating table made by SIMEON Medical sets the highest standards by its unique, high-quality, application-oriented design. You will be supported by innovative operating functions and can thus concentrate on your patients.

Quality – Made by SIMEON

For our Sim.MOVE we use nothing but high-quality materials in order to guarantee the excellent quality, durability, reliability and optimal hygiene SIMEON is known for.


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