SIMEON BusinessLine

Good light for any operating room

Great flexibility, attractive price and high product quality – the SIMEON BusinessLine provides all of the advantages of Sim.LED technology at an unique cost-to-benefit ratio. The BusinessLine offers limitless combinations of small Sim.LED 450, medium-sized Sim.LED 500 and large Sim.LED 700 surgical lights in single and multi-color. It gives OR planners and users the greatest possible flexibility in the world and ensures optimal light conditions depending on the situation and requirements.

Ideal light in the OR

  • Uncompromising material selection. High-grade construction with aluminum housing and glass for energy efficiency and long life time
  • Patented reflector technology for unparalleled light quality without shadows thanks to Reflector Shadow Resolution System (RSRS) requiring no vulnerable sensor systems or adjustments to the light values
  • Depth illumination adjusted to meet your needs
  • sun.LED provides consistently high color rendering in each color temperature setting

Sterile intuitive operation

  • Intuitive operation of all BusinessLine functions via cardanic control as well as using a wall control unit specifically adapted to this operating concept.
  • my.GRIP: allows sterile control of two light parameters at the same time right on the sterile handle
  • my.LED function: user-individual presetting of light intensity, illuminated field size and color temperature can be simply saved and activated


  • Seamless enclosed design enables extremely easy cleaning
  • Excellent laminar flow values for optimal hygiene in the surgical field thanks to minimal heat development due to the aluminum light head
  • Maximum hygiene and service life thanks to lightproof, scratch-resistant SSG safety glass

Secure flexibility for the future

  • Sim.INTERFACE enables addition to integrated OR systems
  • Expansion by Sim.CAM cameras and Sim.SCREEN monitor arms
  • Patented Sim.FLEX suspension arm system for simple subsequent system expansion
  • Service and maintenance-friendly design
  • Upgradeable software

Technical data

SIMEON BusinessLine Sim.LED 700 MC/SCSim.LED 500 MC/SCSim.LED 450 MC/SC
Central illumination intensity at a distance of 1 m [lx] 160,000 140,000 120,000
Electronic dimmability from/to [lx] 48,000-160,000 42,000-140,000 36,000-120,000
Color temperature [K] 3,500/4,000/4,500/ 5,000/5,500 [MC]
4,500 [SC]
3,500/4,000/4,500/ 5,000/5,500 [MC]
4,500 [SC]
3,500/4,000/4,500/ 5,000/5,500 [MC]
4,500 [SC]
Focusable field size d10 at a distance of 1m [mm] 180-300 180-290 160-230 [MC]
160-250 [SC]
Color rendering index Ra in every color temperature setting 96 96 96
Light head power consumption [W] 66 [MC]
62 [SC]
62 [MC]
53 [SC]
51 [MC]
45 [SC]
LED life time [h] > 60,000 > 60,000 > 60,000
Approval CE CE CE

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