Revolutionary & Innovative Illumination

SIMEON Medical is offering a new era of surgical lights - The new Sim.LED 8000 series. 
The Sim.LED 8000 has a uniquely intuitive user philiospy and an outstanding and innovative illumination. 
It is the ideal solution for all applications, needs and challenges in everyday surgery. 

The new SIMEON operating light impresses especially with its efficiency, multidisciplinary use and safety for patients and users. 

Revolutionary & Innovative Illumination

  • Shadow-free light thanks to patented SIMEON
    reflector technology 2.0
  • Active shadow management
  • Excellent depth illumination
  • Dimmable endoscopy light Sim.BIANCE
  • New interpretation of the revolutionary SIMEON triangular design

Simple and Intuitive Handling

  • Operation of all functions of the Sim.LED 8000 via intuitive gimbal control as well as via optional wall touch control
  • my.GRIP: personalizable handle optimizes surgical procedures
  • my.LED: up to 99 user profiles by person and discipline 
  • my.SYNC: automatic setting and function synchronization


  • Innovative Anti.BAC® antibacterial coating
  • Easy cleaning of high-end materials aluminum and real glass 
  • IP 54 protection against dust and moisture ingress 
  • Reduction of air turbulence leads to excellent laminar flow property

Quality and Future Readiness

  • Easy integration into integrated OR systems via Sim.INTERFACE
  • Seamless system expansion through Sim.CAM cameras and Sim.SCREEN monitor carrier
  • Service and maintenance friendly design 
  • Developed and manufactured in Germany

Anti.BAC® - Innovative Coating. Better Hygienic Conditions.

Innovative antibacterial coating

We have developed the new Anti.BAC® coating with maximum antimicrobial effect (log 5.9 for Escherichia coli and log 4.29 for Staphylococcus aureus) for our new HighLine series of LED surgical lights.


Reduction of germs by 99.99%


Certified in accordance with ISO 22196 (JIS Z 2801)


Free of physiologically harmful nano-silver or free silver ions

Technical data

SIMEON HighLine Sim.LED 8000 MCSim.LED 8000 SC
Electronic dimmability from/to [lx] 48,000-160,000 48,000-160,000
Color temperature[K] 3,500/4,000/4,500/ 5,000/5,500 4,500
Focusable field size d10 at a distance of 1 m [mm] 170-320 170-320
Color rendering index Ra in every color temperature setting 98 98
Light head power consumption [W] 100 100
LED life time [h] > 60,000 > 60,000
Approval CE CE


The right light at an attractive price

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