Suspension arm systems

Future-oriented suspension arm systems for flexible ORs

Simple positioning of surgical and examination lights or monitors is an important criterion for the OR. Our SIMEON suspension arm system gives you maximum flexibility through the installation of up to four extension arms on a central axis. Our unique Sim.FLEX also offers you a patented, modular suspension arm system that can be changed over time. Because all options for subsequent adjustments are still available even after installation – quick and easy, without prior preparation. This way, we give planners and users every freedom to upgrade and expand and thus secure the investments you’ve made for the future.

In addition to the available SIMEON suspension arm systems, the lighting system solution also consists of spring arms that are exclusively developed and produced for SIMEON Medical. The new spring arms offer a newly acquired flexibility and an optimized range of services.

SIMEON suspension arm system

  • Simple and flexible positioning
  • Now available with innovative antibacterial coating Anti.BAC® 
  • Suspension arm system with the option of installing up to 4 extension arms per central axis
  • Modern design
  • Optimized individual adjustment possibilities
  • Limitless positioning options of the suspension arm system, New with >380° rotation for the suspension arms with TFT (with stop)

Patented Sim.FLEX suspension arm system – the revolutionary suspension arm system

  • Revolutionary modular suspension arm system
  • Now available with innovative antibacterial coating Anti.BAC® 
  • Maximum flexibility for OR planners: Expansion by adding additional suspension arms at any time – even after installation
  • Suitable for hybrid ORs: Suspension arm lengths up to 2,000 mm

Anti.BAC® - Innovative Coating. Better Hygienic Conditions.

Innovative antibacterial coating

We have developed the Anti.BAC® coating with maximum antimicrobial effect (log 5.9 for Escherichia coli and log 4.29 for Staphylococcus aureus).


Reduction of germs by 99.99%


Certified in accordance with ISO 22196 (JIS Z 2801)


Free of physiologically harmful nano-silver or free silver ions

SIMEON spring arms

New spring arm system offers user benefits

Unique functionality offers great advantages


Flexibility & functionality

New and unique flexibility due to 20% bigger range of movement (from +45° to -75°)
As a result, the SIMEON spring arms offer additional user benefits for all seated interventions as well as for all common applications.



Exclusive SIMEON design: modern and compact



Great product quality, manufactured exclusively for SIMEON below a certified quality management system

Further information regarding the SIMEON suspension systems can be found in the following brochures

Already in the beginning of the project, innovation and quality formed the key criteria of the Gold Coast University Hospital in Southport, Australia. The hospital relies in total in 37 operating rooms on the excellent quality of the SIMEON suspension arm systems and the patented Sim.FLEX system. The revolutionary Sim.FLEX suspension arm system impressed with its very high maximum arm length, which facilitates the use in hybrid rooms, as well as its future-proof investment thanks to the retrofit upgradability. Furthermore, the Gold Coast University Hospital placed great emphasis on quality, innovative product and excellent hygiene properties.

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