Excellent mobility

Genuine mobility with Sim.LED mobile lights

Enjoy the same wide range of wall- and ceiling-mounted operation and examination lights, but with the added flexibility of mobility. That is just one of the many advantages SIMEON Medical’s Sim.LED mobile lights can offer you.

Sim.LED mobile lights provide portable versions of any light in the SIMEON product portfolio - whether you need a small examination light or a small but powerful Sim.LED 4500 operating light - or try our HighLine and BusinessLine operating lights, available in MC and SC versions, with or without cameras. Versatile Sim.LED mobile lights offer a mobile source of illumination for all common applications in any field . All without sacrificing the light and product quality or the innovative features you expect from SIMEON products.

With their battery back-up system, SIMEON’s Sim.LED mobile lights make oversized mobile stands with permanently installed batteries outdated. The SIMEON OR light products you know and trust are available as mobile versions with removable batteries, combining elegant design with genuine wireless mobility.

Discover them for yourself!

Unbeatable advantages

Benefits of the SIMEON mobile stand:

  • SIMEON’s entire portfolio operating light products is available in mobile versions in all variants
  • No compromises on quality: Sim.LED mobile lights offer the exceptional quality you expect from SIMEON, including patented reflector technology, high-quality materials (e.g., aluminum and safety glass) and unparalleled light quality
  • Thanks to the innovative wireless technology of Sim.CAM cameras, mobile lights can now be used with camera systems - in HD and 4K!
  • Stable and accessible design guarantees easy handling on-site
  • Mobile stand now available with innovative antibacterial coating Anti.BAC® 
  • German-made quality

Benefits of the SIMEON mobile stand with unique battery system:

  • Removable batteries of Sim.LED mobile stand offers maximum flexibility
  • A genuinely wireless solution for maximum convenience
  • Sim.LED mobile lights with battery back-up system are available for the entire light product portfolio
  • Battery charging options to fit your individual needs
  • Mobile stand available with one or two batteries
  • Sim.LED mobile lights can be used 24/7 without interruption
  • Great battery life and very short charging times
  • Guaranteed uninterrupted illumination of the operating room, even during power outages or in areas with unstable power supply
  • Innovative Clip-Fix mechanism allows easy and convenient battery replacement with one hand
  • For the first time, camera systems can be used in mobile lights thanks to Sim.CAM cameras and their innovative wireless technology - completely wireless, in 4K or HD!
  • Mobile stand  (excluding batteries) now available with innovative antibacterial coating Anti.BAC® 

Anti.BAC® - Innovative Coating. Better Hygienic Conditions.

Innovative antibacterial coating

We have developed the Anti.BAC® coating with maximum antimicrobial effect (log 5.9 for Escherichia coli and log 4.29 for Staphylococcus aureus).


Reduction of germs by 99.99%


Certified in accordance with ISO 22196 (JIS Z 2801)


Free of physiologically harmful nano-silver or free silver ions

Further information regarding the mobile surgical lights can be found in the following brochure

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